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Internships & Master / Bachelor topics
Discipline Type Research Theme Contact
Masterarbeit Synchrotron beam induced speciation changes in XAFS studies of aquatic radionuclide systems

Prof. Dr. Horst Geckeis

Dr. Jörg Rothe

Dr. Kathy Dardenne

Masterarbeit Interaction of U(VI) and Eu(III) with natural clay rock

Prof. Dr. Horst Geckeis

Dr. Claudia Joseph


Masterarbeit Maschinenbau Neutron Dose Determination with Gamma Ray Detectors

Dr. Frank Becker

PD Dr. habil. Ron Dagan

Master-/Bachelor-/Vertieferarbeit Chemie Sublimation behaviour of CsReO4

Prof. Dr. Horst Geckeis
Dr. Sebastian Bahl
Dr. Franz Strohmer