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Safety research for nuclear waste disposal


Geochemical based long-term safety case


Research and development at KIT-INE deals mainly with the geochemical contribution to the long-term safety case, based on the aquatic chemistry of radionuclides in the geochemical environment of a repository site. Work concentrates on the disposal of heat producing, high level radioactive waste from nuclear energy use (spent nuclear fuel and vitrified waste from reprocessing) in salt, as well as in clay and hard rock formations. The actinides and long-lived fission products play a central role, due to their dominating the radiotoxicity of high level radioactive waste over long periods.

The R&D activities are divided into:


  • Basic investigations

       Molecular process understanding


  • Applied investigations

       Radionuclide retention in the multi barrier system


  • Development of speciation methods

       Structural information in the trace concentration range