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Research for Radiation Protection



Today's procedures and methods to quantify the actual exposure to radiation refer to a - sta-tistically speaking - "average man" as a "standard man" and his "average" anatomical and physiological data. The result is an estimate of the actual exposure of the affected individual. The scientific work of the department of radiation protection research is focused at the ex-posed individual with his individual anatomical and physiological characteristics. These char-acteristics including age and gender and environment are placed at the centre of an individ-ual quantification of (external and internal) exposure to base direct and indirect radiation pro-tection recommendations and measures on it. Numerical methods to describe complex inter-action processes in inhomogeneous, time-varying mixed radiation fields in conjunction with customized models of the human body adapted to the individual anatomical and physiologi-cal features of the individual open the possibility to go, new ways to quantify the radiation exposure in various organs and tissues.


The scientific focus of the department of radiation protection research in the three fields:


  • Modeling: virtual radiation protection scenarios with body (voxel) models


In our research projects we closely collaborate with the radiation protection laboratories of the KIT safety management KSM, which are involved in the practical radiation protection tasks at KIT. We are actively involved in national and international collaborations and com-mittees. We offer RP education and training with courses at university and other institutions.