Within the scope of scientific / technical cooperation and projects, KIT-INE offers the following services:

  • Studies of inactive and radioactive samples by means of laser spectroscopic methods
  • Investigations into the mobilization and immobilization of radionuclides in geological systems
  • Geochemical modeling / thermodynamic data
  • Evaluation and quantification of geochemical aspects in long term safety cases for repository concepts
  • Design of extraction reagents and development of extraction processes for separation of lanthanides and actinides
  • Investigations of inactive and radioactive samples by means of X-ray spectroscopy (lNE-Beamline and ACT experiment station at the KIT-synchrotron source)
  • Element, Isotope and surface analyses
  • Analytics of radioactive materials
  • Chemical characterization of radioactive species
  • Speciation inactive and radioactive species
  • Long-time behavior of waste forms