The High Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy Group

"Advanced synchrotron based systematic investigations of actinide and lanthanide systems to understand and predict their reactivity"

The group systematically investigates the electronic and coordination structures of actinide (An) and chemical homologue lanthanide (Ln) systems with novel synchrotron-based high energy resolution X-ray emission/absorption/inelastic scattering techniques. The experimental results are supported by theoretical calculations and simulations with quantum chemical codes. These investigations improve our understanding of An/Ln reactivity in repository systems and waste matrices on a molecular scale and thereby contribute to the assessment of the repository long term safety. The elucidation of electronic and coordination structures of An/Ln systems provides basic insight into structure-reactivity relationships of actinide elements, which is still a challenging scientific frontier.



Dr. Tonya Vitova     

   +49 721 608 24024


Pu 3d4f resonant inelastic X-ray scattering (RIXS) of 50 mM Pu(VI) in aqueous solution (sample: D. Fellhauer).
Pu M5 High Resolution (HR)-XANES) and conventional Pu M5 XANES spectra of 50 mM Pu(VI) in aqueous solution.