Radiochemical & Elementary Analysis

The radio-analytical group belongs to the department technical infrastructure & chemical analytics of the Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal. Our objective is the operation and continuous improvement of highly sensitive and selective analytical methods for the R&D projects of the institute, also in the frame of national and international co-operations. New challenging methods are refined and adapted to specific questions. We perform highly precise and sensitive analysis of elements and isotopes in radioactive samples, but also ultra-trace determination of radionuclides in natural samples. By using hyphenated techniques, information about the chemical state of the present species can be obtained.

In addition, we offer custom analytical solutions, e.g. for nuclear waste declaration and conditioning, decommissioning or for radiopharmaceuticals.


An overview of the methods is presented here.




Dr. Markus Plaschke  

    +49 721 608 24747

Analytik 1