Radiation Protection Research

The Working Group "Radiation Protection Research" deals with the effects of ionizing radiation on living creatures and materials. The basis for research is the recording and evaluation of radiation exposures by sources of natural and artificial origin. In particular, mixed photon, beta and / or neutron radiation fields are investigated, with simulations contributing to a deeper understanding of the radiation fields. Individual aspects such as movement sequences and location-specific influences are in the focus of consideration.


The current research is mainly focusing on

  • Monte-Carlo based comparison of the personal dose for emplacement scenarios of spent nuclear fuel casks in generic deep geological repositories
  • Numerical simulations with regard to nano- and microdosimetry, e.g. radiolysis of aqueous solutions.


The Working Group “Radiation Protection Research” is represented nationally and internationally. In this context, the following is mentioned: the expert group "Dosimetry" (AKD) from the German-Swiss Fachverband für Strahlenschutz e.V. and the European Radiation Dosimetry Group (EURADOS).




Dr. Frank Becker     

    +49 721 608 23401


Simulation of the radiation field around a POLLUX® cask in an emplacement drift
Snap-shot of a storage scenario of a POLLUX® cask. Right: Movable mathematical phantom for simulating the radiation exposure of employees
Monte Carlo simulations of G values for hydroxyl radicals