Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal


  • subject:Characterization of (micro)pollutants and their (in)organic nanovectors around a decommissioning site: Application to the Grand Canal of Alsace and the Old Rhine (Fessenheim, Alsace, france)
  • type:Master thesis
  • date:open March 2021
  • supervisor:

    Prof. Dr. Jocelyne Brendlé
    Dr. Muriel BOUBY
    Prof. Dr. Horst Geckeis
    Dr Mireille Del Nero

Work description

The work will be distributed in several specific tasks. A part of the work will be done in the partner’s institutes (Karlsruhe and Strasbourg). Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the EUCOR project.

Master thesis (open March 2021), location UHA (Mulhouse), KIT-INE and IPHC/Uni.Strasbourg, will consist in:

  • The synthesis and characterization of Ni/Zn montmorillonite nanoparticles according to well established protocols: they will be used as model nanoparticles, tracers and/or MTE/OM scavengers
  • Laboratory simulation and direct on-site use to test their MTE scavenging capabilities
    • Preparation of suspensions containing the naturally present MTE (identified during the first Master thesis work program of the project C4-PON) and the synthetic clay nanoparticles: study and quantification of any interaction
    • Interaction/fractionation of the OM naturally present with/on the synthetic nanoclay particles
    • On-site tracer tests using the synthetic clay as potential MTE scavengers and nanovectors (upstream dispersal and downstream collection at the power plant (Old Rhine and Grand Canal d’Alsace).



  • Synthesis and characterization of Ni/Zn-Montmorillonite
  • Elemental analysis (ICP-OES/ICP-MS, IC, DOC)
  • Hyphenated size fractionation methods (LC/OCD, AsFlFFF/UV-Vis/MALLS/ICPMS)
  • Solid phase characterisation (XRD, ESEM, TEM)
  • Molecular scale characterization (ESI-FTMS)
  • Spectroscopic techniques (IRTF-RTA, XPS)


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