Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal

Selected Problems of Applied Reactor Physics and Exercises

  • Nuclear energy and forces
  • Radioactive decay
  • Nuclear processes
  • Fission and the importance of delayed neutrons
  • Basics of nuclear cross sections
  • Principles of chain reaction
  • Static theory of mono energetic reactors
  • Introduction to reactor kinetic
  • student laboratory

The students

  • have solid understanding of the basic reactor physics
  • are able to estimate processes of growth and decay of radionuclides; out of it, they can perform dose calculation and introduce their biological hazards
  • can calculate the relationship of basic parameters which are needed for a stable reactor operation
  • understand important dynamical processes of nuclear reactors.

Regular attendance: 26 h

self study 94 h

oral exam about 30 min.

Language of instructionGerman/English

K. Wirtz Grundlagen der Reaktortechnik Teil I, II, Technische Hochschule Karlsruhe 1966

D. Emendorfer. K.H. Höcker Theorie der Kernreaktoren, BI- Hochschultaschenbücher 1969

J. Duderstadt and L. Hamilton, Nuclear reactor Analysis, J. Wiley $ Sons, Inc. 1975 (in English)