Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal

Introduction to Neutron Cross Section Theory and Nuclear Data Generation


Cross section characterization

Summary of basic cross section theory

Resonance cross section

Doppler broadening

Scattering kernels

Basic of slowing down theory

Unit cell based XS data generation

Cross sections Data libraries

Data Measurements

The students:

  • Understand the special importance of cross sections in various domains of natural science (Reactor physics, Material research, Solar radiation etc.)
  • Are familiar with the theoretical methods and experimental effort to generate cross sections data.

Regular attendance: 26 h

self study: 94 h

oral exam about 30 min.

Language of instructionGerman/English

Handbuch von Nuklearen Reaktoren Vol I . Y. Ronen CRC press 1986 (in English)

D. Emendorfer. K.H. Höcker Theorie der Kernreaktoren, Teil I, II BI- Hochschultaschenbücher 1969

P. Tippler, R. Llewellyn Modern Physics 2008 (in English)