Institute for Nuclear Waste Disposal

DISCO: Modern Spent Fuel Dissolution and Chemistry in Failed Container Conditions

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    Michel Herm

  • funding:

    EU Horizon 2020

  • Partner:

    16 Partner

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The aims of the project are to enhance the understanding of spent fuel matrix dissolution under conditions representative of failed containers in reducing repository environments and to assess whether novel types of fuel (Cr-doped and MOX) behave like the conventional ones.

KIT-INE contributes with experimental studies to the work packages "preparation and characterization of samples and experimental systems" and "spent fuel dissolution". KIT-INE is also the work package leader of the latter.

Leaching experiments under anoxic/reducing conditions are performed with a cladded pellet and decladded fragments of spent MOX fuel in a generic ground water in the shielded box line of KIT-INE. The experiments are periodically sampled and solution aliquots and gas phases are analyzed for instantaneously released radionuclides (IRF) as well as radionuclides slowly released from alteration and dissolution of the fuel matrix.