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EXAFS course

EXAFS course

EXAFS course


Karlsruhe, Germany


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - Campus North

Synchrotron Building 348, seminar room (west entrance)




18 -19 September 2017


An EXAFS course is proposed Monday 18th September - Tuesday 19th September 2017 before the CAT-ACT Opening Workshop.

The participants number is limited. Contact J. Rothe or J.-D. Grunwaldt if you are interested to participate. Inscriptions deadline 1. September.

Please bring your own portable computer. The Demeter suite version 0.9.25 will be used, you can install it on advance or we will help you onsite.


EXAFS Course Program

Monday 18.09.2017

09:30 Welcome
09:45 Introduction synchrotron based spectroscopy
10:30 Introduction EXAFS
12:00 Calculations of XANES/HR-XANES spectra with the FEFF9 code

12:30 Lunch at the canteen

13:30 Demeter practice : EXAFS with Athena & Artemis

        (Demeter v.25 installation on own laptop)
        Athena & Artemis step by step. Demonstration for single shell fit
        Practice with given or own examples - multiple shells fit

        Open END around 17:00


Tuesday 19.09.2017

09:00 PyMca, XAFSmass and other helpers

09:30 Practice : XAFS (XANES) with Athena

         Linear combination fitting using Athena step by step
         Practice with own datasets or with given examples

12:00 Lunch at the canteen

13:00 Practice:  Artemis / Athena  with own XAFS datasets
         Open END around 16:30