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Melissa A. Denecke, Petra Panak, Andreas Geist


BMBF 2020+


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institut für Nukleare Entsorgung (KIT-INE)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Campus Sud (KIT-CS)

Universität Erlangen

Universität Heidelberg

Forschungszentrum Jülich


Juli 2012


Juni 2015

Förderperiode und -volumen: Juli 2012 bis Juni 2015; 2.76 Mio €


Schematic representation of an example for systematic variation of the BTP extraction ligandThe project “Untersuchungen zum grundlegenden Verständnis der selektiven Komplexierung von f-Elementen (f-Kom)“ (02NUK020) funded by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Education in the field of Basic Energy Research 2020+ aims at establishing a fundamental understanding of the separation of long-lived radionuclides from nuclear waste. The participating project partners from KIT-INE, KIT-CS, Universität Erlangen, Universität Heidelberg and Forschungszentrum Jülich are combining their expertise and activities in synthesis, spectroscopy, technology and theory, in order to be able to describe and ultimately predict and optimize liquid-liquid extraction separation processes for actinides at the molecular scale . The project includes a strong component of education and training of young scientists in research topics related to nuclear waste disposal and promotes their networking in the European research landscape. This component is critical to the preservation of the necessary expertise for future safe handling of radioactive waste.